Ancillary Products & Benefits

The team at Goodman Insurance has served clients across Show Low, AZ and surrounding communities since 2008. Our team has over 20 years of experiencing providing products and services across our rural market. Goodman Insurance specializes in health insurance and Medicare plans, and provides a full range of dental and ancillary benefits packages.

Focused on Your Needs, Protecting Your Future

From our beginning, we have been committed to providing our clients with affordable, reliable insurance services. As an independently owned and operated agency, we work with a variety of insurance providers, which ensures you are able to receive the policies that meet your needs and budget. We know today’s insurance market is confusing and intimidating. We are here to help you successfully navigate it and find the plans that best fit your situation.

Dental Plans

An important part of maintaining good overall health is having good oral health. A dental insurance policy works in much the same way as a health insurance policy. It provides you with valuable dental benefits and covers a range of procedures and services. This include routine check-ups, general dental health services, and more. Depending on the package, you may receive more extensive coverage options.

Accident Protection

If you have experienced an accidental injury, this type of policy can help you manage the medical and out-of-pocket expenses you may incur. This includes medical bills, emergency treatment, hospital stays, and other expenses. This policy is different from life insurance policies in that it provides protection in the event of a disabling accident or injury, in contrast to protection in the event of death.

Cancer Plans

A cancer insurance plan provides you with supplemental protection. It can typically be used for any type of expense, and many policies are awarded as a one-time, lump sum. This type of policy can help you manage the numerous expenses associated with a cancer diagnosis: home health care, out-of-network treatments, as well as non-medical expenses. This includes child-care, loss of income, meals and lodging, and deductibles and co-pays.

Hospital Indemnity Plans

Like a cancer insurance plan, a hospital indemnity plan provides the beneficiary with a lump-sum payment which covers a set time period — per day, per week, per month, or per visit. When you check into the hospital, you are entitled to a certain amount, which can be used to pay whatever expense you choose.

Specified Disease

This type of policy provides coverage for a single disease or for a group of diseases. The beneficiary of this type of policy will only receive benefits if they are diagnosed with the specific illness or condition named in the policy. This is a supplemental policy to your existing healthcare benefits.

Short Term Medical Policies

A short term medical policy is designed to fill in a gap in coverage if you in a time of transition or waiting for a longer term solution to start. This coverage requirements for these plans vary, and it is a not a guaranteed issue like a plan under the Affordable Care Act. Many of these plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. We will work with you to determine which short term policy fits your immediate needs — and then help you make the transition to a more permanent or long term plan.